We’re a small creative team with high scientific standards. We make efficient, helpful and trustworthy AI models through ground-breaking innovations.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to push AI forward, to serve the open community and our enterprise customers. We are committed to driving the AI revolution by developing open-weight models that are on par with proprietary solutions. Stay tuned as we continue to advance in the field of AI.

How we like to work

We started Mistral AI with the goal of bringing strong generative models to the widest community of software builders and enterprise users. We go fast and work intensely, with high level of individual responsabilities, and a strong team spirit. We operate with the highest level of internal transparency, as we believe it’s a major driver for efficiency. We’re rigorous, since we believe this is how we make the best technology. We’re creative, as we know that training the best models is a game of finding unique efficiency accelerators. We’re application driven, since we want our models to be helpful for real world applications.

We’re proud to be a team of diverse people coming from all horizons, with a wide range of expertise in the field of AI.