Le Chat

Our assistant is now in beta access, demonstrating what can be built with our technology.

  • February 26, 2024
  • Mistral AI team

Today, we release our new conversational assistant, le Chat Mistral, a first demonstration of what you can build with Mistral models and what you can deploy in your business environment.

A multilingual conversational assistant based on Mistral models

Le Chat is a conversational entry point to interact with the various models from Mistral AI. It offers a pedagogical and fun way to explore Mistral AI’s technology.

Le Chat can use Mistral Large or Mistral Small under the hood, or a prototype model called Mistral Next, designed to be brief and concise. We are hard at work to make our models as useful and as little opinionated as possible, although much remain to be improved! Thanks to a tunable system-level moderation mechanism, le Chat warns you in a non-invasive way when you’re pushing the conversation in directions where the assistant may produce sensitive or controversial content (see our Terms of Service to know more about our approach to moderation).

For businesses, we are launching le Chat Enterprise, designed to empower your team’s productivity with self-deployment capacities, and fine-grained moderation mechanisms. Please contact our team if this is of interest.

Become an early adopter

We’d love your feedback! Sign up today to access le Chat as a beta user. Let us know of quirks that have crept in, when le Chat could reason better, or when it is not as helpful or unbiased as it should be, and we’ll improve it.

Note that le Chat currently cannot access the Internet to engage in discussions, so it may be inaccurate or answer with outdated information.