The Mistral AI Non-Production License

Mistral AI introduces the MNPL to promote sustainable openness in AI.

  • May 29, 2024
  • Mistral AI team

Since day one, we have advocated for openness in AI. We believe that openness is not only a catalyst for innovation but also a safeguard for the transparency and accountability that are essential in this transformative technology.

Openness in AI is threatened, with the debate around it being instrumentalised to entrench the position of incumbent players in this highly competitive industry. We have raised our voices to defend openness in AI and will relentlessly continue to do so.

Our business and our community empower developers worldwide to create cutting-edge applications using our independent and open technology. We are committed to supporting the developer community and are proud to see so many talented innovators choosing to work with us.

We are therefore happy to see our community and partners build high-margin products with our models. Although this is great news for end-users, it sometimes fails to contribute to our success, research, and independence. This is why we are introducing the Mistral AI non-production license (MNPL). This license allows developers to use our technology for non-commercial purposes and to support research work. It ensures that those who build a business based on our work do so in a fair and sustainable way for all parties.

Codestral is released today under this new license, which strikes the right balance between our commitment to openness principles and our responsibility to grow our business. Our mission is to put frontier AI in the hands of everyone, and we are more determined than ever to achieve this goal.

Note that we will keep releasing models and code under Apache 2.0 as we progressively consolidate two families of products released under Apache 2.0 and the MNPL.