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Our teaser model is out!
The best 7B, Apache 2.0.

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Pushing AI forward

Pushing AI forward

We tackle the hardest problems to make AI models compute efficient, helpful and trustworthy.

Open & white-box

Open & white-box

We spearhead the family of open models. We give to our users and empower them to contribute their ideas.

In your hands

In your hands

Our products comes with weights and sources, permitting full customisation. We don't want your data!

Committing to open models.

We believe in open science, community and free software. We release many of our models and deployment tools under permissive licenses. We benefit from the OSS community, and give back.

Mistral 7B is here!

Mistral-7B-v0.1 is a small, yet powerful model adaptable to many use-cases. Mistral 7B is better than Llama 2 13B on all benchmarks, has natural coding abilities, and 8k sequence length. It’s released under Apache 2.0 licence. We made it easy to deploy on any cloud, and of course on your gaming GPU.

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We’re a small creative team with high scientific standards. We make compute efficient, useful and powerful AI models with both a strong research focus and a fast-paced business mindset.


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